Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Glory comes from daring to begin
Once we have lack we never go back
Nothing is difficult to those who have the passion
Gain strength to accomplish everything we believe we can

Xpress our gratitude
In our actions with positive attitude

Forget the past, life the present
And focus on what awaits in the future
Trust the process give us exactly what the desire of our heart

Commit to the values of honesty, integrity and loyalty to our values
Always improving for better life
It is up to us to believe or not the B 370 myths either BEJO AKU or BEJO BGT

Plat nomor mobil

Thanks God for led me to finally I can find what kind of very lucky gift which is suitable for me even though I have to wait about 3 years after I posted this wish [12 November 2006] before it was launched.


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